Geometry Kit for Connected Learning Session/Rosenthal Prize Update

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MoMath has posted the Rosenthal Prize Lessons!  Check out ours called Building a Tool to Deepen Understanding here.  It has lots of great photos.

We are very excited to present this activity as part of our presentation at Connected Learning Summit.  It has potential for a lot of great Maker elements.  You can start from scratch with two dots 2″ apart and construct all the pieces mathematically, or you can grab the templates and print on 110 cardstock or trace to cereal boxes.

If you go with holes about 0.15″, you can select from a variety of hinge materials:  tin foil, rubber bands, parts of a balloon, pipe cleaners, or brads.  I like tinfoil the best so that’s what is in the example photos.

If you just want to make calipers now, get these pdfs.  Be sure to set print to 100%, and trace onto cereal box weight cardboard.
Geometry Kits PDF                                                     Caliper Templates PDF

There’s an issue with overlapping the pieces.  So it works best to have parallel sides together on each “layer”. Below are images for the construction of a 1:1 caliper.


We have been working on the design and realized that Golden Ratio proportioned parts make a great building kit in general!  The caliper parts now have holes at the (used to be) pointy end.  The proportions are perfect from center of hole to center of hole.

Like the old design,  you can choose your “joint” material with this new design:  rubber bands, balloons, tinfoil, pipe cleaners or brads.  Tinfoil is my favorite!  About a square inch of foil rolled up to go through the hole and then mashed at the ends to pin in place.


Have Fun!

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