Future Math Makers and Remote Interns- How to get started!

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The first project is a custom nametag!

For summer 2022 MathHappens Foundation is sponsoring an internship for math majors and others interested in making math more accessible to engage with a makerspace by making math models.  We worked with Parker-Dewey, a facilitator of micro internships to find students from all over the US interested in this project.

We created a kit that you can review here that includes a number of maker challenges designed to introduce CAD (Computer aided design).  We also provide some of our best supplies, materials and tips and tricks, along with some projects to use them.

Intern Lauren Soumalis, is having a great time and has submitted a really great reflection on the experience so far.  Please take a moment to find out about Lauren’s experience uncovering and overcoming some challenges and consider whether you could do this too!  Some photos are here.

We will update this blog post with more as we have it.

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