Fracture! A Halloween Matheatre Experience!

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A composite graphic with a bright red image reading "FRACTURE!" and featuring a human form, a creepy hand silhouette, and a spiderweb made of squares.

At MathHappens, we love to collaborate, support creative endeavors, partner with colleagues around the US, Canada and abroad, and provide new ways to experience math to the public.  This project includes all of these and more.  The concept, a Mathematical Halloween trail was initiated, and seed funded by MathHappens, designed and expanded by Matheatre who executed and delivered a great creative theater experience with the help of the Seattle Universal Math Museum (SUMM) which provided critical staff as well as marketing in the local community.  The advance tickets sold out and the show was hosted in on of Seattle’s arts spaces, the 18 th & Union Theater.

Pythagorean cults, mathematical luminaries, hazard signs and warnings and of course, an encounter with 6 who was deathly terrified of 7 were all a part of the program.

Over three nights two versions of the program were offered, the not so scary and the very scary.  Families and individuals were invited to attend either for free.  The show was part escape room, part haunted trail, and part theater show.  The organizers at Matheatre made this a great experience for the professionals and volunteers who filled roles as government agents, group guides, house directors and hosts.

At the post event meeting, all the players agreed, we need to repeat this great event next year and we are starting to plan already!  A repeat in Seattle is a must and we are going to try to bring it to Austin as well.  Stay tuned.


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