MathHappens is founded by Phil and Lauren Siegel. The current board includes Phil and Lauren as well as their sons, Matt and Alex. We like math. We think its fun, interesting and worthwhile. We want to share this with anybody and everybody who is interested.

Philip Siegel

Phil is founder of TritiumPartners. Phil took degrees in both math and chemistry as an undergraduate at University of Chicago. Phil attributes his success in his business career to his facility with numbers and understanding of mathematics.

Lauren Siegel

Lauren has an undergraduate math degree from University of Chicago. She later completed the UTeach Credential Program at University of Texas at Austin. She served as Head of Math at Ace Academy for five years. Lauren is principal co-author of the article: Teaching Algebra Concepts by Modeling Telescope Optics, and has recently returned to UTeach as part of the mentor team for the UTeach Maker Program.

Matt Siegel

Matt studied Chemical Engineering at Washington University at St. Louis and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Mineral Exploration at Colorado School of Mines.

Alex Siegel

Alex is recently graduated from University of California at Berkeley and currently residing and working in Austin.