Farmers Market Math with the Sustainable Food Center

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What a great partnership!  Through the hottest months of July and August, here in Austin Texas, local MathHappens Staff, UT Students and teachers from local non-profit school ACE Academy braved 100 + temperatures to bring some math activities to the Downtown and South markets from 9 – 1 every Saturday.  The Sustainable Food Center provided us with a tent and tables, and we brought the math.

Balance scales make a great way to explore base 2 with weights of 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz to make all the weights from 1 to 31oz.  We can also explore using weights on both sides and then we only need 1 oz, 3oz, 9 oz and 27 oz to make all of the weights from 1 to 40 oz.

Other activities include a garden based on a George Washington Carver Teacher’s leaflet and a hexagon puzzle made by Talk Math With Your Kids and the Puzzle a Day calendar challenge.

We had a great time.  Many thanks to ACE Academy and SFC for the partnership, Ken Hawthorn, Mason Chng, Jackie Salazar, Christina Hull, and Quan Nguyen for a great summer program.

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