Take and Make: Freese Transformation 178

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This design is from a lost manuscript of Ernest Irving Freese found by Greg Frederickson and published in his 2018 book “Ernest Irving Freese’s Geometric Transformations: The Man, the Manuscript, the Magnificent Dissections” Frederickson mentions Freese’s manuscript in the bibliography of his 1997 book, “Dissections: Plane & Fancy, and included selections from it in a 5-part series of short chapters spread

Take and Make: Tower of Hanoi

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Ximena Garcia made a laser design for the Tower of Hanoi puzzle.  You make two of each disk and glue them together for nice chunky pieces.  We use dot stampers (for bingo sheets) to color the wood.  Works great!  The laser files are in this folder on our webpage. Tower of Hanoi is a model of exponential growth – number of

International Day of Mathematics

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The University of Texas and MathHappens Foundation participated in the first international day of Mathematics.  Check out the video contributions from Dr. Jennifer Austin (inside the main video at minute 3 and Ximena Garcia featured video. In case links change, you can also see Ximena here.

Take and Make: Folding Parabola

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See how this grid folds into a parabola. More Parabola information in “owners manual” format by Michelle Tat. We laser cut the holes in the cardstock and added some laser etched lines to make the folds crisp.  Find the laser files here. This thing is a great fidget and you would be surprised at the tenacity young children and even adults to

Women in Steam at the Thinkery

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Women in Mathematics!  Katherine Johnson calculated trajectories, parabolic and otherwise for NASA in the 1960s.  Almost 70 years earlier Mary Boole invented curve stitching to teach the mathematical properties of parabolas to children.  We made some really great foldable parabolas to connect to the work of both these women in math.  Here’s the laser file – we cut the holes

MathHappens in Nature

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We have officially launched our new weekly program at the Austin Nature and Science Center! This program will go from 10am-2pm every Saturday so checkout our Facebook for more information. The room will have rotating puzzles and activities, a shelf full of books for various ages, and something you can make and take home with you! Don’t miss out because

Spring 2020 Newsletter

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Spring 2020 Newsletter Upcoming events, general information, and more MathHappens in Nature We are excited to announce the start of a new program in partnership with the Austin Nature and Science Center. This new weekly program will be every Saturday from 10am-2pm. Check out our Facebook page for more event information.   Hot Science Cool Talks Come check out MathHappens

Take and Make: Hinged Parabola Stretcher

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Super simple and yet kind of cool.  You need a machine screw, a wing nut, some scrap wood about 4″x.5″,  and some stretchy elastic.  Directions and Files Here.  Check the video on Twitter to see how it moves. Article from American Mathematical Association here. Also if you don’t want to make from scratch, we could send you the parts.  Fill