2022/2023 Projects, Sponsorships and Collaborations

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This list is both incomplete and growing, but we’ll continue to add and share.  We are interested in helping any organization interested in sponsoring programs, installations and events that bring mathematics to the public conversation, increase access to learning and provide more pathways to positive engagement and success in mathematics and STEM. This is a busy table runner!  And it represents

What will you find at the Houston House of Math and our Outreach Events?

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Displays, interactive exhibits, logic challenges, building materials and new friends.  We hope you’ll come see your yourself.  For more information see the links on temporary page at  www.houstonhouseofmath.org or contact Sylvia at [email protected].  Photos by Ben Duong. Houston House of Math is a Featured  Story on the Rice Universitity Mathematics Department Page.

MathHappens @ Austin Museum Day!

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Here’s a link to an interview I did this morning with CBS Austin’s Trevor Scott.  MathHappens Foundation is an active participant in the Austin museum community.  We have learned a lot in eight years of collaborations about the way museums approach storytelling, sharing knowledge and ideas with an intent to spark interest and start conversations.  

Sheryl Hsu’s Math Exhibit at the Play Like a Miner Exhibit, Almaden Quicksilver Museum

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Kruskal’s Algorithm Minimal Spanning Tree: Railroad Table This project was created by Sheryl Hsu for exhibit at the Almaden Quicksilver Mine and sponsored by MathHappens Foundation.  Sheryl wrote us a detailed proposal that described her project, the mathematics she planned to explain and the details of construction.  You can read it here.   Then she built it!  See Sheryl’s video where

An Interactive Cross Disciplinary Mathematics Museum for Austin!

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Let’s continue the tradition of service to education, support our students and learners of all ages in mathematics by offering  free learning resources to the Austin community, support cross disciplinary programs, create and use hands on interactive models. A great opportunity is on the table. The Pease School opened in 1876 and served Austin as an elementary school for 144

Holiday Art (and Math) on the Lawn at Neil-Cochran House Museum

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We love to come out to this museum!  Its side garden is home to one of our first outdoor installations, the Pythagorean Tables.  Together they represent the 3-4 -5 triangle classic, but also each table tells a math story of its own.  The 3 x 3 is a Penrose Stair, the 4 x 4 is subdivided to 8 x 8

MathHappens at Neill-Cochran House Museum Day 2021

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At Austin Museum Day 2021, MathHappens hosted a suite of activities at the Pythagorean theorem tables led by Naila Najiyeva, Laila Cook, Quan Nguyen, and Rashell Soria. Visitors were able to see the Pythagorean Theorem Proof and the Sum of Odd Numbers proof. At the tables, they also saw the Penrose stairs and a modern day application of it.  

Wald’s Survivorship Airplane Problem

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This is a great example where mathematicians applied some creative thinking to solve a very real world problem.  It is Abraham Wald’s Survivorship Bias problem.  To help explain the sequence of concepts that lead to his insight, we made some wooden planes to help visualize the problem, and the solution. We start out thinking about the planes that come back

George Washington Carver Museum Black History Month Kid’s Day

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George Washington Carver Museum is hosting Black History Month Kid’s Day on Saturday, March 27th, 2021. They will be hosting the event live via Zoom sessions with special guests and activities. This year’s theme is the Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity. You can RSVP for the event here. MathHappens interns, Viyang Shah and Anh Nguyen, worked together to create