2022 Projects, Sponsorships and Collaborations

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This list is both incomplete and growing, but we’ll continue to add and share.  We are interested in helping any organization interested in sponsoring programs, installations and events that bring mathematics to the public conversation, increase access to learning and provide more pathways to positive engagement and success in mathematics and STEM. In 2022 we connected with Silvia Aldana, Director of

Take and Make: Scott Kim Block by Block Jr.

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Whether in 1″ Maple, or 1/2″ pine, or 5″ cardboard, this block set known as Block by Block Jr. designed  by puzzle designer Scott Kim has multiple uses and offers a variety of ways to practice spacial skills, problem solving and just have fun together.   We highly recommend this activity for all ages.   We ordered 1000 block from a

Take and Make: Linkages Pop-up Card

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Its a Day of the Dead Celebration at SE Branch Library!  Kids were able to decorate and color a moveable candle.  Staffers Mason Chng and Stefany Espinoza were joined by Jackie Salazar and Branch Manager Irene Magana-Noverola at the SE Branch Library.  Video of the card moving. We cut the cardstock with the laser – a first for us and

More Collaborations: Madam Math Circle, Math Clubs and the Almaden Public Library

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Madam Math Circle is cofounded by Sheryl Hsu who completed a really great outreach project for the Alamden Quicksilver Mining Museum early this summer.  Sheryl has since requested some table materials and has take them to some local math circles with her colleagues at Madam Math which she cofounded.   The next stop will be the Almaden Public Library this

Future Math Makers and Remote Interns- How to get started!

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The first project is a custom nametag! For summer 2022 MathHappens Foundation is sponsoring an internship for math majors and others interested in making math more accessible to engage with a makerspace by making math models.  We worked with Parker-Dewey, a facilitator of micro internships to find students from all over the US interested in this project. We created a

Cinco de Mayo! We had a blast!

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What a nice event at the George Morales Dove Springs Recreation Center! In partnership with the Austin Public Library we set up some stacking frames for ball pit balls, giant tangrams, provided a flower of life medallion to color, chompers (mathematical origami) and geometry kits to make your own flower of life. Many thanks to Austin Public Library and our

MathHappens at the Library- Updated!

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We’ve sent materials to or provided activities at the  LA Public Library, Killeen Public Library, Buda Public Library, Santa Fe Public Library, Austin Central Library and most recently the Orange Public Library and we are going to do more.  Libraries are great because they are free, open and available to learners of all ages in the community, and you can

Take and Make: Napier’s Bones Calculator

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Napier’s Bones are a manually operated calculator created by John Napier in 1612. This calculator is based on Lattice Multiplication and helps math learners with multiplying large numbers by a single digit number.  Math learners! Start identifying multiplication patterns by making your own set of Napier’s Bones! Materials: Napier’s Bones Paper Template: https://tinyurl.com/rh5xdajt Writing utensil (pencil or pen) Popsicle sticks