Take and Make: Area Trick Puzzle

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This one is easy fun and somehow a little bit magical.    Makes a great little math gift. The challenge is to make rectangles with pieces #1-5, #1-6, #1-7, and #1-8 (as below) Details, Instructions and Template Here. Here are the “versions” in a short video.   These pieces are made in relation to eachother so there are many versions

Take and Make: Napier’s Bones Calculator

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Napier’s Bones are a manually operated calculator created by John Napier in 1612. This calculator is based on Lattice Multiplication and helps math learners with multiplying large numbers by a single digit number.  Math learners! Start identifying multiplication patterns by making your own set of Napier’s Bones! Materials: Napier’s Bones Paper Template: https://tinyurl.com/rh5xdajt Writing utensil (pencil or pen) Popsicle sticks

Geometry Kit for Connected Learning Session/Rosenthal Prize Update

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MoMath has posted the Rosenthal Prize Lessons!  Check out ours called Building a Tool to Deepen Understanding here.  It has lots of great photos. We are very excited to present this activity as part of our presentation at Connected Learning Summit.  It has potential for a lot of great Maker elements.  You can start from scratch with two dots 2″

MathHappens in the Newspaper: The Austin Chronicle

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We need more math where people can find it, play with it, and enjoy it. Therefore,  are excited to introduce our newest project: MathHappens in the Newspaper.  Elizabeth Wrightsman is heading this project and the rest of the team is contributing ideas, submissions, and landing pages for each week. Below you’ll find an up to date display of all our

Take and Make – Voronoi Flipbook

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After talking with Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, we began searching for new ideas to interact with Voronoi Diagrams. During our pre-pandemic presentations and events we allowed people to interact with a Voronoi simulation that had been posted on Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Voronoi_growth_euclidean.gif While brainstorming we decided to buy a flipbook kit and test out what we could do with them. One of our

Take and Make: Icosahedron from Golden Rectangles

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We were inspired by a post on Twitter by Olivier Longuet shown below. The object in the photo is an icosahedron, a 20-sided 3D shape, made out of three golden rectangles with side lengths that obey the golden ratio (1:1.618033…). To make a cardboard version of the icosahedron, print out this document and follow the instructions! You can also make

George Washington Carver Museum Black History Month Kid’s Day

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George Washington Carver Museum is hosting Black History Month Kid’s Day on Saturday, March 27th, 2021. They will be hosting the event live via Zoom sessions with special guests and activities. This year’s theme is the Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity. You can RSVP for the event here. MathHappens interns, Viyang Shah and Anh Nguyen, worked together to create

Special Delivery! Math Activities.

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We are finding new ways to get math activities to our K-12 students and families in Austin. Today we are providing three models to families served by Jose Carrasco and the Dobie Family Resource Center in north Austin: A geometry activity set that can be used for young children learning shapes and for middle schoolers and even high school.  It