2021 Guest Talk at UTeach Perspectives Class! on Oct 13

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We had a few slides to introduce MathHappens to the group and then dove right in to a hot topic,  redistricting or Gerrymandering.  We just had the proposed new Texas map released, but none of the negotiated changes that came the next day on the 14th, so there were real examples of all 4 types of Gerrymandering which are cracking,

Make: Education Forum Presentation Sept 25

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Thanks to the the Make: Education Forum for a great conference! From the Q&A: The slides I presented are available here. One book I really recommend, Ernest Irving Freese’s Geometric Transformations by Greg Frederickson.  The book has had written plates by an architect that can be recreated in Corel or other graphics software. Some of the designs are great for

FAB16 Conference: Making and Math

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Interns Saurav Gandhi and Anh Nguyen co-presented the “Making and Math” session at the FAB16 Conference. They presented several of the math models we have constructed over the years including Koch Fractals, Mini Unit Circles, and Curve Stitching.  Participants were shown how they can get creative with topics in Math by participating in making a Fractal Collage (see image gallery

Making Math Makes Sense

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We’ve said it before and we said it again at the Connected Learning Summit in July.  this was a great month of programs.  You can see some of the keynote speakers as well as find our Ignite talk among some other excellent 5 minute presentations (2nd session, 2nd talk) in their post here. Highlights From the 2021 Connected Learning Summit

UTeach Conference 2021 – Leveling the Playing Field: Creating Equity in Mathematics

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MathHappens had the opportunity to present at the 2021 UTeach STEM Educators Conference. The theme for this year was Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in STEM Education. Paola and Josephine led our session on “Leveling the Playing Field: Creating Equity in Mathematics.” Below are some images of our slides. If you would like to view our entire presentation, here are our

Take and Make: Parallel Ruler and Compass Rose

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In 2019, we brought our suite of Navigation Math to New York to share how we relate math to Texas History and the voyage of La Belle which is on exhibit at the Texas State History Museum.  Files to make our version of the Parallel Ruler are here.     Files to make our version of the Compass Rose are here. Participants

Mini Unit Circle Twitter Storm!

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I sent a mini unit circle to Dr. Alex Kontorovich, and he posted a short video.  Previously I posted a video on this and Ralph Pantozzi retweeted and we got 10,000 views till I accidentally deleted the post. This time Dr. Kontorvich’s followers really grabbed it and it went around the globe and in less than 3 days had over

2020 Real Places Conference!

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  Elizabeth Lay, our math in history expert anchored our exhibit table and Claire Steffens, Director of Experience for Pioneer Farms co-presented with MathHappens Foundation Director Lauren Siegel.  Go Team!  We had a great time. Some links and information: We learned to use laser cutters at Austins own laser coop:  MakeATX For a short and informative  explanation of Golden Calipers

A 119 Year Quest to Understand Tessellating, Convex, Irregular Pentagons

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The idea for MathHappens to work with tessellating pentagons originated from intern Jason Gorst’s suggestions for future projects on his final report. A tessellation describes an arrangement of shapes that tiles a plane with no gaps or overlaps.The challenge of finding all possible tessellating pentagons was issued in 1900 by David Hilbert at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Paris