CAMT Presentation July 10!

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We are excited to bring two backpacks full of MathHappens goodies for door prizes.

Paola Garcia and I are co-presenting a session with star Austin High math teacher Mardi Nott.  Participants are going to look into each others eyes and discover the power of geometry to analyze light reflections, using similar triangles to reveal the height or distance of objects we can’t touch or measure.

All we need are some acrylic mirrors (we’ll bring those) and two people — well maybe a third to take the pictures!  Dog optional.

Paola and Payton are looking into each others eyes in the mirror which is flat on the table.  Payton isn’t moving and her angle with the mirror is 55 degrees.  Whether Paola stands up or sits down, once she is in position to see Payton’s eyes, her angle has to be 55 degrees as well.


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