Bullock Field Trip: Canyon Vista Middle School

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We had a great time welcoming back Ms. Kathy Lennox and a new group of students from Canyon Vista Middle School. Most of our math and navigation field trip remains the same between high school and middle school students. However, some adjustments must be made due to the difference in math content taught in middle and high school. To read more about the high school field trip, please click here.

Just like in the above-linked blog post, we had two groups, each for an hour. Three of the four activities remained the same, but the triangulation activity for high school students became a latitude-measuring activity for middle school students. For this activity, participants explored the use of the quadrant by taking angle readings when viewing a star on the wall. The readings changed as you moved closer or further from the wall. Seeing a change in this reading means your latitude has changed. Similarly, when viewing the north star with a quadrant, you can measure your latitude on the Earth, which would change depending on where you are.

The students enjoyed making parallel rulers. It was many students’ first time using tools, such as a screws, stop nuts, screw drivers, and nut drivers.
Overall, we had a great time and so did the students! Thanks to Ms. Lennox for attending our field trip two years in a row and thanks to the Bullock for their constant support.

A job well done by our staff!

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