2023 MathHappens @ STEM UT Girl Day!

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MVP Mason Chng and event dream team: Stefany Espinoza, Megan Do, Ella Basken, Laura Choi, Naila Hajiyeva spent the day on the 2nd floor of Wel on the University of Texas Campus for STEM Girl Day. Mason has been preparing the activity for Girl Day for months in and between our other projects, and the whole MathHappens Team pitched in.

The Math Room: One Year at Austin Nature and Science Center

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On site in Austin to celebrate on Feb 18:  Teacher Julie Wu, MH Admin Melissa Wilkinson and Lauren Siegel; UT and UTeach students Ella Basken, Matt Hertel, Laura Choi and Quan Nguyen; Stefany Espinoza and Marianne Villanueva.  Matt has managed the room since June 2022. Putting a math room in a public place of play, learning and nature is a

Take and Make: Tusi couple for a UT Perspectives Class

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The Tusi couple is a mathematical device in which a small circle rotates inside a larger circle twice the diameter of the smaller circle.  With this relationship of diameters, each point on the circumference of the smaller circle actually follows a linear path as the rotation occurs. Here’s a link to a video so you can see it in motion. Files to

MathHappens@Explora! Albuquerque, New Mexico

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We are so happy to start this collaboration with Explora! in Albuquerque, NM.  Ishtar Rosario Medina, a student at University of New Mexico is coordinating this program and Queen Anderson also a student at UNM (rt below) is going to be a key facilitator. We were also honored to have the founder of CFEMAT, Dr. Hector Rosario at Explora hosting

New Life Alliance Photos

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We are so pleased to receive photos from the various locations where New Life Alliance is hosting the math materials we provided.  The kids clubhouses in their residential buildings are meant to be an academic enrichment resource as well as a community gathering space.  These are our puzzle frames and 21st Century Pattern Blocks produced by Math for Love and

Houston House of Math Grand Opening January 28, 2023

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The Houston House of Math co-created by MathHappens Foundation and Math to the Point is open to the public on the weekends and scheduling field trips during the week.  We have a great team and a beautiful space — these pictures say it all!  Team photo:   Lauren Siegel, Benjamin Duong, Tristan Krysos, Stefany Espinoza, Georgia Thomsen and Silvia Aldana.

Take and Make: Shisima Game from Kenya for SE Branch Library

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SE Branch library invited us to participate in their event celebrating music from Kenya.  We found a new strategy game two player strategy game called Shisima that is related to tic-tac-toe, that originates from Kenya.  Melissa Wilkinson cut and made the design that Stefany Espinoza created.  Quan Nguyen and Marianne Villanueva brought the game to SE Branch, participated in some drumming and