Webinar: Making the Most of Math Connections at your Museum or Historical Site

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Elizabeth Lay, Claire Steffen and I had the opportunity to present a webinar through the Texas Historical Commission today.  We discussed ways that museums can  enhance visitor experiences with math, showed a variety of examples of math activities at museum locations and talked about our process in developing connected activities. Our Presentation Slides are here The Handout  Recording Hosted by

Special Delivery II: Food for the Brain

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With the help of Jose Carrasco who coordinates Drive Thru Food Distributions in Schools by Austin Voices for Education and Youth the goodies will now include some supplies and math activities. What’s on the cart?  120 composition books with graph paper with math activity sheets, 60 sets of washable markers, and 120 mini games of SET.  After our last conversation

Special Delivery! Math Activities.

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We are finding new ways to get math activities to our K-12 students and families in Austin. Today we are providing three models to families served by Jose Carrasco and the Dobie Family Resource Center in north Austin: A geometry activity set that can be used for young children learning shapes and for middle schoolers and even high school.  It

Take and Make: Sum of Squares of Odd Numbers – Freese Transformation

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This Geometric Transformation  shows how the sum of the first 6 Odd Squares is the square of 6, or 36.  Its the classic “proof without words”.  Freese’s Transformation also shows this relationship, but his “squares” all have sides sqrt 1, sqrt 3, sqrt 5, and so on. Freese Corel File, Adobe Illustrator File, Jpg printable  

Take and Make: Experimental Mathematics Cucumber Edition

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Here’s a fun one!  Inspired by a conversation with Chris Daniels of Public Math. He said roll paper around a cylinder and cut on an angle to get an ellipse and produce a sine wave.  So we did!  And you can too.  Then you can make a roller from ellipses, reflect your sine curve and roll the elliptical roller along

Take and Make: Freese Transformation 178

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This design is from a lost manuscript of Ernest Irving Freese found by Greg Frederickson and published in his 2018 book “Ernest Irving Freese’s Geometric Transformations: The Man, the Manuscript, the Magnificent Dissections” Frederickson mentions Freese’s manuscript in the bibliography of his 1997 book, “Dissections: Plane & Fancy, and included selections from it in a 5-part series of short chapters spread

Take and Make: Tower of Hanoi

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Ximena Garcia made a laser design for the Tower of Hanoi puzzle.  You make two of each disk and glue them together for nice chunky pieces.  We use dot stampers (for bingo sheets) to color the wood.  Works great!  The laser files are in this folder on our webpage. Tower of Hanoi is a model of exponential growth – number of