Austin Museum Partnership Educator Night

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We brought a variety of materials and most importantly three of our UTeach Spring Interns to Educator night sponsored by the Austin Museum Partnership, and hosted at the LBJ Library — Fancy. We had some great conversations with teachers and with museum staff about adding math to museum offerings and about opportunities to take Math Field Trips!

Thinkery Adult Evening Program on Math

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What we learned: The Thinkery were expecting as many as 500 participants who would be drinking beer and circulating among offerings from various organizations. Social games were of particular interest to organizers as this was offered as a mixer for young adults. The Birthday Game via name tags encourages participants to look at each other’s tags and offers a fun

Little Free Library

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What we learned: The Little Free Library is a non profit organization that provides materials to construct a free library for homeowners. The libraries are free and passersby can take or leave books. The organization runs promotions to help engage potential librarians and were interested in a math book donation for Pi Day. MathHappens: We donated 250 copies of Thinking

Austin Toy Museum Grand Opening

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What we learned: The Austin Toy Museum is a new museum featuring a collection of action figures, toys and arcade games primarily from the mid 1980s and 1990s. The founders were interested in attracting families and school groups and hope to be a destination for kids of all ages. UTeach intern Michelle Tat spent several hours touring the museum while

Historic Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, TX

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What we learned: Cemeteries are full of numbers, dates, and all kinds of connections to the actuarial sciences. They also offer poetry, history, and a personal connection to the past. At this place, the focus of the conservators is preservation, conservation and respectful fundraising to address the tilting of the monuments caused by unstable soil, tree roots and simply age.

Learning about Makerspaces on UT Campus

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We visited the Longhorn Studios maker space in the Cockrell School of Engineering in January. We made a stereoscopic projection piece.  If we shine a light at the top it projects a perfect 6×6 grid.  This is a great way to introduce the concept distortions in maps showing the continents.

Fibonacci Numbers, Calculating The Golden Ratio with Sequences , Measuring with Proportional Calipers

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The PROGRAM GUIDES The Measurement Activities (Mr. Morales/ Mr. Ahrens).  In the planetarium We’ll have the giant calipers, the arm – wrist – hand proportional measurement tool, some pictures of various animals, the Hurricane Sandy Puzzle with its golden spiral, the Golden Ratio Hand Mirrors, and the calipers to give to each student.  Students will also visit the specimen room