Special Delivery III: Supplies for Austin Voices HopeFest Resource Fair & Food Distribution

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Jose Carrasco and Austin Voices organized this year’s event.  We really appreciate the opportunity to contribute and double stars to the volunteers who assembled kits putting together graph paper books, scissors, and colored pencils.  Also included were some Tangrams to cut out and play with, and Michelle Tat’s Mathematics Fairy Tale in English and Spanish.

Austin Museum Day 2020

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Austin Museum Day is going to feature an all day program on facebook plus virtual offerings you can access anytime and there are a number of Austin locations that will be open to visit! Check out the Schedule! MathHappens is staying virtual this year, but we are starting a new list of great ways to think about math connections at

Joyful Math Jamboree August 31.

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It was a pleasure to present to the Joyful Math Jamboree.  We updated our presentation on the Tessellating Pentagon Story which you can access here. We also made (for the first time) some ok Geogebra Activities with our versions of the files.  You can find the activities here.  These are some of the creative tessellation our group completed.   In

Take and Make: Making a Pool Test Apparatus

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You don’t need robots and computers, just a system and apparatus to organize the steps! This model is based on the results alluded too but not completely explained by an Israeli company in the recent NY Times article by David Halbfinger on creative pool testing options.   https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/21/health/fast-coronavirus-testing-israel.html Trying to come up with one of these is a great activity for

Take and Make: Parallel Ruler and Compass Rose

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In 2019, we brought our suite of Navigation Math to New York to share how we relate math to Texas History and the voyage of La Belle which is on exhibit at the Texas State History Museum.  Files to make our version of the Parallel Ruler are here.     Files to make our version of the Compass Rose are here. Participants

JRMF Incubator Session Notes

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We got a start on ways to talk about pool testing at the incubator session.  As the guest host, we created some cover slides and worked with one of the chat rooms.  There are a lot of resources and ideas here with more to come as the different participants work out their ideas! Cover Slides are Here