Take and Make: Tabletop Optical Illusions and Perspective Playground

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We found an instructable on making chalk art patterns in CorelDraw.  But guess what? — you can use this technique to poster print all kinds of fun 3d designs.  The instructable is here.   Its pretty cool! We sent a logo perspective box, aReuleux car and some conic section models to the NWMath Conference. PDFs can be printed in various sizes.  “Chalk”

MathHappens @ Austin Museum Day!

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Here’s a link to an interview I did this morning with CBS Austin’s Trevor Scott.  MathHappens Foundation is an active participant in the Austin museum community.  We have learned a lot in eight years of collaborations about the way museums approach storytelling, sharing knowledge and ideas with an intent to spark interest and start conversations.  

More Collaborations: Madam Math Circle, Math Clubs and the Almaden Public Library

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Madam Math Circle is cofounded by Sheryl Hsu who completed a really great outreach project for the Alamden Quicksilver Mining Museum early this summer.  Sheryl has since requested some table materials and has take them to some local math circles with her colleagues at Madam Math which she cofounded.   The next stop will be the Almaden Public Library this

Event Report: Summer Intern Riley Hendricks’ Activity Table at Explora New Mexico

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Riley is participating in the MathHappens Foundation 2022 remote internship program.  Internships are posted with Parker Dewey where students from all over the United States can access a range of micro-internships.  Our remote internship program (Program Sequence here) includes a maker kit, making several MathHappens Projects and completing an outreach assignment.  Work is very independent so initiative, persistence and adaptation

Math-On-A-Stick, Minnesota State Fair

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For 12 days every fall well over a hundred thousand people a day have the opportunity to visit a wonderful mathematical playground along with eating corndogs, fresh apples and snow cones.  Math-On-A-Stick is created by Christopher Danielson of Talk Math with Your Kids, and is supported by numerous donors, volunteers visiting mathematicians and artists.  As a visiting mathematician we had

Maker Math for Educators–Article Published!

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Congratulations to Jason Harron, professor at Kennesaw State University and colleagues for publishing a paper based on an inservice teacher workshop called Maker Math: Exploring Mathematics through Digitally Fabricated Tools with K–12 In-Service Teachers. MathHappens Foundation provided many but not all of the models used in the workshop and discussed in the article and we really appreciate the author credit.  Jason is

Farmers Market Math with the Sustainable Food Center

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What a great partnership!  Through the hottest months of July and August, here in Austin Texas, local MathHappens Staff, UT Students and teachers from local non-profit school ACE Academy braved 100 + temperatures to bring some math activities to the Downtown and South markets from 9 – 1 every Saturday.  The Sustainable Food Center provided us with a tent and

Mathemagician Sunday Funday – Neill-Cochran House Museum

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We built mathematician kits! We explored the magic area puzzle, cut and assembled linkages, taped impossible cylinders, made cipher nametags, proved that 64=65, a geometric dissection with hinged pieces (circle – square – heart) and more.  Read about the whole kit here.  There are links to printable versions, and notes about each project. Thanks to Quan Nguyen, Mason Chng and

The Math Room at The Austin Nature and Science Center

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We are located inside the visitors center at the Austin Nature and Science Center at 2389 Stratford Drive.  Admission is free every Saturday from 9 am – 3pm and Sunday from noon – 3pm Come by and take a look, or check out the 2022 Summer Summary here. Some items may change from week to week! More great photos from July

Future Math Makers and Remote Interns- How to get started!

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The first project is a custom nametag! For summer 2022 MathHappens Foundation is sponsoring an internship for math majors and others interested in making math more accessible to engage with a makerspace by making math models.  We worked with Parker-Dewey, a facilitator of micro internships to find students from all over the US interested in this project. We created a