Take and Make: Trammel

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These are really fun!  This design could possibly be improved but it does work pretty well. The newest version  files are here in AI, SVG and Corel formats.  It’s a pretty simple design. Here are the parts.  Basically a larger square overhangs the smaller creating a channel with partial cover that the little “cars” can slide in, but not pop

Take and Make: Area Trick Puzzle

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This one is easy fun and somehow a little bit magical.    Makes a great little math gift. The challenge is to make rectangles with pieces #1-5, #1-6, #1-7, and #1-8 (as below) Details, Instructions and Template Here. Here are the “versions” in a short video.   These pieces are made in relation to eachother so there are many versions

Crafting Conic Sections with MTCA – Dec. 2 Math Teacher’s Circle of Austin

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Teachers enjoy models and making and they take that enthusiasm and activity back to their students.  Hosted by Professor Jennifer Austin of University of Texas at Austin, this was a particularly fun meeting.  We discussed how we make these models – see MAA Horizon Do the Math Article , tried using paper templates and slicing into playdoh.  See Take and

Holiday Art (and Math) on the Lawn at Neil-Cochran House Museum

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We love to come out to this museum!  Its side garden is home to one of our first outdoor installations, the Pythagorean Tables.  Together they represent the 3-4 -5 triangle classic, but also each table tells a math story of its own.  The 3 x 3 is a Penrose Stair, the 4 x 4 is subdivided to 8 x 8

Take and Make: Conic Sections Model

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Turns out you can use CorelDraw to  reverse engineer the parts to a conic section model.  Read all about it in the November 2021 MAA Math Horizons page called Do The Math (p. 29). Editor Tom Edgar was fun to work with, and made the graphic images. Note:  if you are “making” this model from scratch, once you find the