Blank Fractals + Vallejo Library kids = mathematical creativity!

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We cropped out two more kiddos, but this one in the middle who is too busy working to lookup for photo kind of says it all.  What a great note as well.  Libraries are a wonderful place to play with some math.

Greetings to you both,
I hope you’re both doing wonderful. This week we’ve been doing art projects with the after school kids. Today we brought out the fractals, and the kids were very impressed. They really got a kick out of all the different shapes they could create with, and were blown away when we mentioned that what they were doing was all about math. Enclosed is a photo of a few of the local students who enjoyed your amazing fractals. Thank you so much, have a wonderful weekend!


Mychal Threets
Children’s Librarian
Solano County Library- Springstowne

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