Big Week!

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This week is a big week for MathHappens.

On Tuesday, we will be presenting a session at the AISD Language Arts & Social Studies Institute.  Our session is titled “Connecting Language Arts and Social Studies with Mathematics.” We’ll be talking about the Vitruvian Men, Gulliver’s Travels, navigation tools, and our field trip offerings, all of which relate to mathematics. We’ll also be tabling to share our materials and ideas with teachers from varying subjects, including science, language arts, social studies, and math. 

At TEKSCon, teachers will get to sit and chat with us at a roundtable while making calipers and playing with math models.

On Wednesday, we’ll be heading to San Antonio to give table presentations to teachers at an event called TEKSCon. We’ll be showing off our MathHappens resources as they relate to our connection with the Austin Museum Partnership.

Finally, on Thursday, we’ll be presenting a session at the AISD Science + Mathematics X Conference. The session is titled “Making Math: Innovating the M in STEM.” We’ll be focusing on our latest models, such as the mirror books and wooden unit circles, as well as revisiting the classics, by making golden ratio calipers, for example. We also plan to invite teachers to an informal visit at MakeATX to learn more about laser cutters.

This is our last big week of the summer and we’re excited for it! Hope to see you there!

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