Austin Nature and Science Center Sunclock Layout – Dry Run

Lauren SiegelMaking Math, Nature & Science Center

It was dry and hot as well.  In 90 + mid June heat we went out to the Austin Nature and Science Center.  We needed midday sun to find true north using the plumb line contraption you see below.  It worked really well.  We etched a line in the wood at the base so we’d have a 90 degree cross line to orient the x axis.  We used the intersection as the center of the sunclock, and set up the rest from there.  The results were great and we have much more confidence we can achieve the precision we need for the final installation.  Some passing visitors were really curious and interested asking questions and coming in fora closer look.  Its a great project!

Marcus, Abdul and Quan made this wood contraption. It allows us to hand a plumb line and find true North. It also comes apart and folds flat (hurray!)

Abdul and Marcus – Action Shot!

Finished. Orientation was a bit off, but we’ll be ready to lay out the final because now we really know what we are doing !