Ascent Academy Children’s Business Fair

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Ascent Academy is part of the Acton Academy family of schools. A signature event for Acton is the Children’s Business Fair. Businesses are created and launched by children and showcased at the Fair where visitors can purchase their products. MathHappens were invited to provide a pop up mathematical play space by the organizers of the event at Ascent Academy in Austin who had encountered our space at the Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex here in Austin.  The school provided a tent, table and chairs, we brought activities and enthusiastic facilitators Megan Do, Stefany Espinoza and Matt Hertel.

It’s easier to find articles like this about science activities at arts and “non” science venues.   We need some about Math. Each success strengthens our conviction that math belongs everywhere, brings more fun to the party, and works in myriad ways to enhance community events.

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