2023 Construct 3d Conference Team: Ella Basken and Jordan Varat

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Update:  Ella Basken created this Presi slideshow of her conference experience.  Its great!

At the Construct 3d 2023 conference in NY Ella and Jordan are presenting a variety of models and a poster about the use of these models to enhance mathematics education.  You can contact Ella at:  [email protected] and Jordan at: [email protected]

Ella is our 3d print expert and as an Engineering major at University of Texas she is both interested and capable of building what she imagines with all kinds of tools and materials.  Problem solving and a proactive can – do spirit make her a great asset to the MathHappens team.

Jordan Varat joined MathHappens in June.  She has her own business and works with laser cutters and in all kinds of makerspaces.  She understands the equipment, thinks creatively to get the results we need and has developed several workshops for MathHappens to help beginners develop skills that give them a confident competence to start designing and making new models.

Poster Session!

This poster shows a number of our models and explains some ways that 3d printing, laser cutting and models in general can help expand ways of learning math, and contribute to the academic recovery of students in K-12 programs.

Ella and Jordan also Hosted a Model Gallery

The files for all our 3d print models at the conference are here.

The models we brought:

Magic Area Puzzlehttps://www.mathhappens.org/take-and-make-area-trick-puzzle/

Tusi Couple: https://www.mathhappens.org/take-and-make-tusi-couple-for-a-ut-perspectives-class/

Platonic Solids Frame: https://www.mathhappens.org/platonic-solids-coasters/


Hat Tiles:https://www.mathhappens.org/take-and-make-first-versions-of-hat-tiles-and-21st-century-pattern-block-frames-for-hat-tiles/

Conic Section Models:https://www.mathhappens.org/take-and-make-conic-sections-model/

Reuleax’s Car: https://www.mathhappens.org/take-and-make-reuleaux-car/

Mirror Book:https://www.mathhappens.org/take-and-make-mirror-book/

Hyperbola Stretcher:https://www.mathhappens.org/take-and-make-adjustable-hyperbola/



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