15 Tessellating Pentagons Project

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We are very excited to have our first batch of all 15 Pentagons!  Thanks to Parker Dewey intern Jason Gorst for having this idea back in January.  We have since celebrated Marjorie Rice and her contribution to the pentagon project, and it inspired a whole series on tessellation that we have brought to schools, the library, the Thinkery, the Nature and Science Center and more.

This summary by Paola Garcia shows the 15 shapes, mostly made by Ben Duong, but also by Quan Vuong, Sarah Baca, Kyla Kalugdan, Michelle Tat, Cassandra Gonzalez and Paola Garcia.  We made shapes that followed the formulas using Geogebra and then built them in Corel Draw.  There are variations possible for several of the “types”, but we mostly have just 1 version. We are including it along with one tile of each type in our Pentagon Kits.


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